Petra has been teaching our son for two years now. During this time we have seen vast improvement in h
is German and his grades at school.
Her teaching style keeps Kieran interested, involved and has improved his confidence.
She has a friendly but professional approach to teaching and we would have no hesitation in recommending Petra for German tuition.
In August 2014, Kieran got an A* in his German GCSE!

Matt Russell
Brighton, East Sussex

Petra's German tutoring enabled me to head to a trade show in Nurnberg armed with a good basis of the German language and some great key phrases to use when talking about our product. Petra's sense of fun is really engaging and delightful to be around and her flexibility meant that she took our needs fully into account.

Jo Lacey, Mooncup Ltd.
Brighton, East Sussex

February 2016

I studied with Petra for 4 weeks, to prepare for a business trip to Germany. I felt that my German significantly improved in that time, and I’m very keen to carry on with my German now. Petra had the difficult task of catering for quite diverse levels within the class, and meeting some very *specific* language requirements! The lessons were very engaging and Petra had high expectations for us all, so we felt nurtured but also pushed to do our very best. As well as business German (which can be rather dry), we did find the
time to laugh and have fun, and learn some much more interesting German vocabulary!
Thanks Petra, hope to see you again next year!

Sophie Jarlett, Mooncup Ltd.
Brighton, East Sussex
February 2016


I came to Petra as a complete novice, I was moving to Berlin and didn't even know how to say hello in German. I was overwhelmed at the idea of learning a new language but Petra made it so much fun and easy to understand. Outside of lessons she regularly emails with suggestions of German films to watch and music to listen to. I can't recommend her enough, I now feel confident to speak German in Berlin and have found a friend in Petra.

Paul Diello
Brighton, East Sussex
August 2015

Petra has been teaching my daughter, Iona, for over a year, preparing her for her GCSE exam. She is always friendly, comes to the classes well prepared and makes lessons fun and engaging. Iona's written and spoken German has improved dramatically since starting classes and we are very pleased that, thanks largely to Petra, she is on course to do well in the GCSE. I have no hesitation in recommending Petra.
In September 2016, Iona got an A* in her German GCSE!

Elaine Scott
Brighton, East Sussex
April 2016

Having learned some German in the 1990s, I was concerned that it was getting rusty. 
I was interested in developing my conversational fluency and reminding myself of the basics of German grammar.  I really enjoy my lessons with Petra.  We always find plenty to talk about as she asks great questions about the articles I bring.  She is very encouraging, making great use of praise and correcting my mistakes sensitively.  The hour long lesson really flies by!

Darren Jones
Hove, East Sussex
February 2013

Petra has been giving me (1 hour per week) German tuition since June 2011. Since I started with Petra my level of German has improved drastically from level A1 to levels A2/B1. I feel that this is a really good improvement in such a short space of time, and Petra's ability to teach the language has been instrumental to this. Petra is not only a lovely person who is ever so friendly but she is also incredibly patient and fun to learn with. Her teaching style is one where she can easily adapt to the needs of the student she is teaching. I will certainly be continuing to use Petra for years to come.

Peter Holland
Brighton, East Sussex
November 2012

Petra’s German language tuition is first class. I really appreciate how she has tailored her teaching to my specific needs and delivered a service to such a high standard. As someone who once struggled with this quite complex language, I feel that I have made real progress with the benefit of Petra’s teaching. This is undoubtedly due to the tuition being delivered in a way that is made interesting and relevant, together with Petra's enthusiasm for her sub

Chris Youn
Hove, East Sussex

I would just like to say thank you so much for all your help over the past few years. I feel that I have improved my confidence and knowledge about the German language. It has not been easy but I feel that I have worked as hard as I can. Fingers crossed for my results, which I will receive on the
5th of July 2013.
My department have released provisional grades for den Bericht und den Kommentar. I have received an A grade for each. I am ecstatic. I really appreciated your help on these last assignments.

Leona Eze
Kings College, London
June 2013