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European Poetry Festival

European Poetry Festival, Reading © European Poetry Festival

With Rike Scheffler and Daniel Falb

The European Poetry Festival 2018 brings together some of the finest literary and avant-garde poets of this generation. In a pioneering showcase of live literature, including collaboration and performance, it shares the best of 21st century European and British poetry across the country.

The festival seizes upon a resurgent and vital interest in European culture and taps into a renaissance currently taking place across the continent in avant-garde and literary poetry.

We are thrilled to be supporting the participation of the German poets Rike Scheffler and Daniel Falb in the inaugural European Poetry Festival.

Rike Scheffler © Valerie Schmidt RIKE Scheffler

is a poet, performer and artist based in Berlin, creating work at the intersection of language, music and performance, across media and art forms. She alternates between publishing poetic pieces and more performance-oriented, often sound-driven shows and spacial interventions. She enjoys challenging common perceptions through small words and sounds and creating spaces through language. 

Daniel Falb © Creative Commons Daniel Falb

born in Kassel in 1977 and has made Berlin his home since 1998. He is now one of the major voices in the younger generation of German poets. In addition to publications in journals and anthologies, including EDIT, Zwischen den Zeilen and Lyrik von JETZT (Poetry of NOW), he published three independent volumes of poetry by kookbooks.
About the European Poetry Festival
The first ever European Poetry Festival will present ten events in three British cities, in under two weeks, from April 5th to April 14th 2018. Over 50 poets from 23 countries will take part, many visiting, many residents of the UK.

The festival is curated by SJ Fowler with assistance in 2018 from Samantha Emily Evans, Molly Bergin, Katerina Koulouri, Yvonne Litschel & Madeleine Rose Elliott.
  • 07.04.

    The European Camarade with Rike Scheffler and Daniel Falb

    7:30 PM - Rich Mix | Reading

  • 08.04.

    Performance Literature and Sound Poetry with Rike Scheffler and Daniel Falb

    7:30 PM - IKLECTIC | Performance Literature and Sound Poetry

  • 13.04.

    The European Camarade in Manchester with Rike Scheffler

    7:00 PM - The International Anthony Burgess Foundation | Reading

  • 14.04.

    The European Camarade in Middlesbrough with Rike Scheffler

    7:00 PM - Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art | Reading